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Frequently Asked Questions

Your encrypted data is stored in a private, secure database used to locate people with specific medical, family and social backgrounds that match up with research opportunities.

Only you and a few authorized team members at our blood center can see your answers to questionnaires. Your information will never be shared with anyone else unless you consent in writing. You have trusted us for decades as a blood donor, and we will never break that trust.

Many scientists contact our blood center for help with clinical trials and basic research. The researchers are often looking for people with very specific conditions or symptoms. When a researcher contacts Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, we will search the Bio-Linked database to see if anyone matches the need.

Absolutely not! If your history matches a researcher’s need, one of our medical staff will contact you. If you are interested in participating, we will explain what the researcher needs and how that may affect you. The choice to move forward is completely yours. Unless you agree, the researcher will never know your identity.

Possibly, but each research project is different. Some, but not all, do have budgets for compensating participants.

More than 16,000 clinical studies are occurring at any one time in the United States. These studies could provide cures or treatments for diseases that affect our friends and neighbors. This progress is often delayed for many years because scientists cannot locate people to participate in their research. By helping researchers locate willing participants, we are doing our part in bringing new hope to patients.

If you would like to join Bio-Linked, visit or text CFL at (844) 207-1400. Please make sure you have your donor ID number on hand. To find your donor ID number, log into your Digital Donor account or call customer service at (713) 791-6373.

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