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A Better Donor Experience for Everyone!

No more finger sticks!

Most donors say the worst part is the finger stick when they donate blood. Well, you can finally say goodbye to that! 

Introducing OrSense NBM-200

Get excited blood donors! Not only are you saving lives, but you’ll have a better experience doing it. We are the first independent blood center in Texas to use the NBM-200. In 2019, OrSense, a medical device company, received FDA approval to use the NBM-200 in blood banks. The device is a pneumatic finger sensor cuff and slides right on the thumb. It’s attached to a cord that plugs into a small machine where donor levels display. It takes 60 seconds and voilà! Your hemoglobin levels show up! But, that’s not the only thing it can measure. In addition to determining a donor’s hemoglobin level, a great feature of the device is that it also measures a donor’s pulse. The NBM-200 can measure oxygen levels too. Oxygen level readings aren’t required to donate blood, but it’s a nice feature to have.

With the NBM-200, we’ll be seeing a reduction of biowaste since we are saying goodbye to finger sticks. Alcohol wipes will be in use to help clean and sanitize the pneumatic finger cuff after every use. And, of course, the NBM-200.



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